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Performix xMES® Suite
  Streamlining SAP Batch Manufacturing and Plant Floor Execution
For years batch manufacturers have struggled to connect the enterprise ERP to the plant floor for greater efficiency gains and competitive advantage. Traditional Manufacturing Execution System (MES) vendor solutions, built on MESA or the ISA-95 model, take a holistic view of the Manufacturing IT and do not leverage the ERP to it’s fullest extent. In fact, these monolithic software suites create conflict with SAP/ERP where multiple areas of functional overlaps exist. This has not only driven up the cost of deploying and maintaining this type of manufacturing architecture but has also made it nearly impossible to provide a “single version of the truth” of the Manufacturing Enterprise.

The Performix xMES® Suite was developed to complement SAP by leveraging core ERP master data and extending the functionality to complete the MES batch management solution. Without creating any additional conflict points, Performix provides composite applications that enables the standardization of manufacturing processes across plants and streamlines process order execution including integration with devices on the plant floor.

The “Out-of-the-Box” solution consists of 3 core components: xRecipe™, xMES®, and xBatch™. Combined with SAP/ERP, this Next Generation MES encompasses the entire Batch Manufacturing Lifecycle - from Recipe creation and management through plant floor execution and post batch analysis.

Generally deployed on the same server as SAP MII at the plant, this SOA-based small footprint enables for rapid deployment and global rollout leading to faster returns on investment and delivering on the promise of Next Generation Batch Manufacturing visibility and control.


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