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Performix xMES® for SAP Batch Manufacturers

      Performix xMES®


Performix xMES® serves as the “execution engine” for coordinating the completion of SAP Process Orders by Supervisors, Operators and Automation equipment on the plant floor. By leveraging data from ERP and SAP MII for integration and intelligence, xMES® dynamically delivers key information to plant personnel to facilitate batch manufacturing execution.

As these processes are executed, the engine ensures that information such as phase level confirmations, material consumptions, weigh scale parameters, RFID/Bar Code scan detail and the completion of orders is updated real-time back into SAP. These are just a few example integration points that allows xMES® leverage the entire SAP landscape for manufacturing execution - from PP/PI, MII, MM, QM, and PM.   

The Performix xMES® Solution provides two User Interfaces (UI’s): The Operator UI and the Supervisor UI.

The xMES® Next Gen Operator UI was designed “by operators for operators” and delivers single-click access to critical information
required during execution. Built leveraging the latest rich insternet application technology, this user experience delivers an unprecidented
level of integration across traditional MES UI boundaries. By providing more than just “paper on glass”, plant floor operators can use either a desktop PC on the manufacturing line or a wireless handheld device equipped with a Bar Code and/or RFID reader when using this interface.

The xMES® Supervisor UI is a web-based UI that has all of the functionality of the Operator UI including visibility of ALL process orders running in the plant as well as facilitating shift changes and order hand-offs. This UI is used to also perform system level activities like Process Order and Master Data Download, Batch Startup and User Profile Management. (For a list of handheld devices on which xMES® UI has been tested, please write to us).

Click here to learn more about how you can leverage Performix xMES® and extend your SAP Manufacturing enterprise to the plant floor.

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